Memories Re-visited

In my last post I wrote about not wanting to see the Rose Parade again because re-visiting anything can never compare to the first time and how I wanted to keep those first memories intact. But now today I am wearing my souvenir T-shirt from the Grand Canyon and I feel I must amend that statement. While some memories are best left un-touched, like the Rose Parade, others can be enhanced with more visits.

You see, as I was putting on this T-shirt I thought; ‘I really, really want to go back there’. I have visited the Grand Canyon numerous times and it is always a breath-taking experience. Of course the surrounding area has changed a lot since my first visit in the 1960’s, but the canyon itself remains a magnificent wonder. Every visit is just like seeing it for the first time.

I don’t think I could ever tire of standing at the rim and staring down into the depths of this natural wonder. I saw it once as the sun was setting over the canyon and it truly was a magical experience, all the colors of the rainbow and then some bouncing off all the rock formations. Some of the formations looked like church steeples being lit up and to think all this beauty was formed by water and glaciers!!! Amazing!!

As I sit here writing this I am also reminded that there are other places I would like to visit again. One of them being Alaska. There are always new things to see and experience in Alaska. I have been there 3 times and each time is equal to the first. Except maybe the very first time was also my first cruise and I don’t think anything will compare to my first sight of that big cruise ship and to think I was going to board it! I do believe another Alaska cruise is in my future.

Another place I want to visit again is Washington D.C., not because of the government but because of all the monuments and history there. I could spend a whole week touring the Smithsonian and all the museums. It is very humbling and sad seeing all the war memorials. So many wars, so many deaths and still no end to wars. World peace is my prayer, always. My dream is to visit the city when the Cherry Trees are in bloom.

I’m sure there are other places I would like to see again, mainly because each time I go there are new things to see and do. Even though the areas themselves may not change, I do. I have different expectations and sometimes, none at all. I am much more appreciative of all these experiences and relish each moment. I really do try to focus on the present, not taking it all for granted. ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ as they say.

So, yes, I want to once again go to Williams Arizona, board that old-time steam train and ride the rails to the Grand Canyon for a nice long stay at one of the lodges along the canyon rim. I can almost hear the train wheels clacking, feel the sway as we make our way across the desert, imagining what it may have been like a hundred or so years ago. Almost like traveling back in time. Want to join me?

Until next time,

Gloria ‘Jeannie’

3 thoughts on “Memories Re-visited”

  1. Where do I sign up. All of it sounds wonderful to me. Like you, I have seen some of these sights, and while they may not have changed much, my perceptions and outlook have changed, so a whole new experience.

    Wonderful blog, again.

  2. Yes I agree that The Grand Canyon & Alaska are 2 events to be repeated again & again to see new adventures each time. They are so awesome that you just have to be reminded how awesome God is.

  3. Yes I agree, memories are great to revisit.I always have said,if you don’t Believe in God or the Big Bang you will when you see the Grand Canyon,Of course what caused the Big Bang?

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